In partnership with the Central New York Area Health Education Center (CNYAHEC), HWNY helps supports in-service education delivery to healthcare personnel through InService Solutions, freeing organizations from the costly, time-consuming burden of providing training and dramatically streamlining the testing and review process.

InService Solutions is a Learning Management System that organizations can license and comes with access to 17 ready-to-go customizable, mobile-accessible, scenario-based, and engaging mandatory annual training topics. Through InService Solutions, organizations can customize their portal, courses, and continually track and report on progress and completions.

To provide a comprehensively positive experience for personnel, InService Solutions provides personalized customer support to remove the stressful burden of managing annual compliance training delivery; this saves the organization valuable time and resources.

Through this cost-effective, high impact solution, CNYAHEC has been able to provide tremendous, continued value to its clients and keep their workforces compliant with changing healthcare regulations.

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