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The companies that use human-centered design to create an employee experience (EX) that differentiates them from competitors and removes pain points that drive people away are winning the war for talent.  

Our EX solutions help you compete for talent by using the same proven human-centered design methodologies to gain insight, ideas, and co-create new and optimize experiences both with and for your workforce. 

EX Insight

Go beyond surveys and people analytics by engaging your workforce in ideation sessions that look across your entire employee life cycle for opportunities to remove pain points, delight, and meet expectations.  

$7,000 per hackathon*

EX Strategy Workshop

Align your team on business goals, make decisions on priorities, and take action on solutions that address priority EX challenges. 

$15,000 per workshop*

EX Design

Remove the risk Convert ideas into working prototypes to test, iterate, and prove viability with your workforce prior to investing in full deployment. 

$25,000 per sprint*

Development & Deployment Support

Make your solution a reality and ensure success with end-to-end project management, iterative development, adoption training, outreach, and support services.

* Pricing is based on average project amount and will vary based on scope. Contact us for more information on pricing. 

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Custom Solution Design

Need something new? We can help you design bespoke solutions tailored to your workforce needs. 

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