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Client: Finger Lakes PPS (FLPPS) operates in the Finger Lakes region of New York across 13 countries. Throughout their extensive partner network that includes 19 hospitals, over 6,700 healthcare providers, and more than 600 healthcare and community-based organizations, they work towards building a sustainable, supportive, collaborative, and accessible network of care.

Problem: To build this network of care, FLPPS has undertaken an initiative to provide value-adding and metric based workforce training opportunities to build clinical and non-clinical skills and inform on DSRIP. Making these trainings accessible across its network would require one central platform to deliver, manage, and provide reporting and tracking.

HWNY Solutions: HWNY partnered with FLPPS in 2017 as a technology partner to provide a custom-built Learning Management System (LMS) built specifically around their requirements to allow them to successfully provide the opportunities needed to its network. HWNY developed and deployed the FLPPS LMS in less than one month and has continued to work closely with FLPPS to identify new needs, enhancements, and opportunities as the DSRIP program and FLPPS network transformed. One area that has provided particular value to FLPPS and its network is the implementation of social learning.

Impact: In 2018, FLPPS was designated as a Workforce Investment Organization (WIO) to support initiatives that retain, recruit, and retrain healthcare workers in the long-term care sector. FLPPS was awarded this designation due to its specialized support services in the area of Value-Based Payment (VBP). Contracting with Nascentia, an eligible managed long-term care plan (MLTC Plan) operating in 48 counties across New York State, FLPPS has been actively conducting and tracking long-term care employee trainings through their LMS. HWNY has been a supportive partner in implementing this new project and positioning the technology to ensure deliverables are exceeded.

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