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By 2026, there will be an additional 1 million home care jobs to the direct care workforce

According to phinational.org, in the year 2017 there were 4.3 million direct care workers in the United States. Home care workers and nursing assistants make up a large portion of the direct care workforce. It is projected that by 2060, 1 in four Americans will be over the age of 65, many of which will require direct care services. The turnover rate for direct care ranges between 45% and 60%, according to phinational.org.

By 2026, there will be an additional 1 million home care jobs to the direct care workforce, which is more than any other occupation. Currently there are some efforts to expand and grow this workforce sector, however much more needs to be done in order to meet the current and projected demands.

Direct care workers provide an estimated 70% to 80% of the paid hands-on, personal assistance received by Americans who are elderly or living with disabilities. They also constitute one of the largest and fastest-growing workforces in the country, playing a vital role in job creation and economic growth. 

 In addition, direct care workers often provide safety, comfort, and much-needed companionship which can help address isolation among a vulnerable population.

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