A learning management system is an extremely powerful software application that allows organizations to take control of every aspect related to their training processes.

Within any organization or industry, all training and learning requirements are constantly evolving. In order to accommodate these training and learning requirements, it is crucial that organizations use a customized learning management system (LMS). Think about the training needs your organization has… chances are, they are different than those of other businesses, even within the same industry.

Unlike an out-of-the-box LMS, custom learning management systems allow you to address these issues and optimize your online training platform, specifically for your needs. Customization can also help an LMS reflect the company’s branding.

A truly customized LMS establishes a close integration with your training strategy, tailored to your specific training needs.

When choosing an LMS, make sure that it supports not only the features that you need, but also supplies you with instinctive administrative options to enhance training capabilities.

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Our Services

We take the time to get to know our partners so that we can effectively unite their training delivery objectives with creative solutions.

Customer Support

HWNY will also provide comprehensive, expert, and instantaneous technical support during business hours to your learners, managers, and administrators throughout the life of the project.

How we can Help

We take the time to get to know our partners so that we can effectively unite their recruitment objectives with creative solutions.

Discovery & Planning

HWNY will investigate existing and planned policies, practices, operational parameters, and mechanisms related to training delivery efforts to provide a clear and measurable set of priority goals and associated deliverables.

Technology Development

HWNY’s technology development team can customize our HWapps learning management system to deploy, manage, track, and report complex and unique workforce training delivery needs.

Account Services

To increase efficiencies and reduce internal staff expenses, HWNY’s Account Service Team will provide expert communication and resources to support the day-to-day implementation of your lms.

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