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Client: 1199SIEU’s Training & Employment Funds (TEF) are among the strongest and largest labor-management funds in the nation, providing a range of comprehensive benefits to 400,000 working and retired healthcare industry workers. When DSRIP was introduced in 2014, TEF saw the opportunity to be a leader in program implementation and championed the pursuit of providing a workforce training solution to six PPSs in the greater New York City region.

Problem: TEF needed a streamlined and centralized process for managing workforce transformation across multiple PPSs consisting of X partner organizations and hundreds of thousands of employees but did not originally have any such solution. TEF specifically lacked a platform to host and manage workforce trainings.

HWNY Solutions: HWNY partnered with TEF in late 2015 to produce an enterprise-level multi-tenant workforce development platform. At its core, this platform supported workforce training delivery and reporting for in-person, webinar, and online learning, and provided recruitment and retention features such as a vacancy and applicant management system. Through front-line end-user support, expert account services, and ongoing product development, HWNY positioned TEF and their workforce platform to provide long-term value efficiently throughout DSRIP.

Impact: To date, the TEF workforce development platform has met the following milestones:
– Over 25,000 registrations by healthcare workers into an in-person training session, webinar, or online training
– 477 unique trainings with thousands of unique sessions over the last 4 years
– 3,400+ partner organizations in the entire New York City Metro Area with access for their employees to the Learning Management System

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